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Foam- Expanding Polyurethane Foam

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Seals and fills small cracks, gaps.
Tack free within 5 minutes, cured within 24 hours.
Meets ASTM E-84, Class 1 for caulks and sealants.
Propellants/blowing agents are non-ozone depleting [non-CFC,
non-HCFC] and enviornmentally compliant.
Designed for easy dispensing through the straw adapter included.
Adheres to almost all building materials.
Cured foam is dimensionally stable and resistant to temperatures
ranging between -200 degrees F and +240 degrees F.
Water resistant, won't harm electrical wire insulations, Romex,
rubber, PVC, polyethylene or other plastics.
Approved for use around wires, plumbing penetrations, etc.
No formaldehyde. Protects against dust, pests, air.
U.L. classified: File #R13919 Caulking and Sealants.
NFPA 30B Classificatication: Level 2 Aerosol.
Product NamePart NumberSizeWeightUnitTypePrice
Foam- Expanding Polyurethave Foam30002BK12 oz. can13.0lbs.12 cans2 can price.

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