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Cable Ties – Nylon – Colored- Made in U.S.A.

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100% Virgin Nylon 6/6. U.L. Listed. Mil Specification approved.
Rounded Edges reduce insertion force and surface abrasion.
Ridges allow firmer grip for pull-thru.
Advanced pawl design for superior locking power.

Operating temperature: -40F to 185F Degrees .
Low profilenhead for streamline appearance and snag resistance.
Reinforced neck for greater strength.
Smoother pull-thru due to elimination of ejector pin marks along the strap.
Designed in accordance to MS3367,
Prices are per 100 pieces.
Diameter Column is bundle Diameter Range.
Tensile Strength is in lbs.

Indicate color desired after the part number.
Blu (Blue), Brn (Brown), Grn (Green), Gry (Grey), Org (Orange), Purple (Pur), Red (Red), Yel (Yellow),Fluor Blu (Fluorescent Blue), Fluor Grn (Fluorescent Green), Fluor Pin (Fluorescent Pink), Fluor Org (Fluorescent range), Fluor Yel (Fluorescent Yellow).
Product NamePart NumberLength x WidthWeightBundle Dia.UnitPrice- Tensile StrengthPrice
Colored Cable TiesNC04-18 (COLOR)4.1" x 0.100".1 lbs.1/16-5/8100 pcs.Price/bag. Tensile: 18/25 lbs.
Colored Cable TiesNC05-40 (COLOR)5.8" x 0.140".2 lbs.1/16-1-1/4100 pcs.Price/bag. Tensile: 40/80 lbs.

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Colored Cable TiesNC07-50 (COLOR)8.9" x 0.187".3 lbs.1/16-1-3/4100 pcs.Price/bag. Tensile: 50/80 lbs.

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Colored Cable TiesNC11-50 (COLOR)11.1" x 0.187".5 lbs.1/16-3100 pcs.Price/bag. Tensile: 50/80 lbs.

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Colored Cable TiesNC14-50 (COLOR)14.6" x 0.187".6 lbs.1/16-4100 pcs.Price/bag. Tensile: 50/80 lbs.

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