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Measuring Tape

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Easy to Read.
Rubber Tire Style.
Triple Rivet.
Great Quality at Incredible Prices.
Priced per piece or pack.
Product NamePart NumberSizeWeightDiameterUnitTypePrice
Measuring Tapes01580A25 x 11.1 lbs./tapeTM25TEach

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Measuring Tapes01580ABK25 x 14.1 lbs./packTM25TV4 tapes/pack[$3.99/tape]

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Measuring Tapes01581A33 x 11.2 lbs./tapeTM33TEach

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Measuring Tapes01581ABK33 x 14.5 lbs./packTM33TV4 taoes/pack[$4.99/tape]

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Measuring TapesTM2525 x 11.1 lbs./tapeEach

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Measuring TapesTM25BK25 x 14.1 lbs./pack4 tapes/pack[$5.99/tape]

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Measuring TapesTM3333 x 11.2 lbs./tapeEach

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Measuring Tapes TM33BK 33 x 14.5 lbs./pack4 tapes/pack[$6.99/tape]

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