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Split Loom-Polyethylene

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Bulk packages in boxes, black color
Product NameP/NWire SizePcs/PkgPrice/c
Split Loom-PolyethyleneTER3350B1/4"2,500'

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Split Loom-PolyethyleneTER33501/4"100'

$ 0.16Add to cart

Split Loom-PolyethyleneTER3351B3/8"1,300'

$ 0.17Add to cart

Split Loom-PolyethyleneTER33513/8"100'

$ 0.18Add to cart

Split Loom-PolyethyleneTER3352B1/2"1,000'

$ 0.21Add to cart

Split Loom-PolyethyleneTER33521/2"100'

$ 0.22Add to cart

Split Loom-PolyethyleneTER3355B5/8"700'

$ 0.29Add to cart

Split Loom-PolyethyleneTER33555/8"100'

$ 0.23Add to cart

Split Loom-PolyethyleneTER3353B3/4"500'

$ 0.35Add to cart

Split Loom-PolyethyleneTER33533/4"100'

$ 0.38Add to cart

Split Loom-PolyethyleneTER3354B1"250'

$ 0.49Add to cart

Split Loom-PolyethyleneTER33541"100'

$ 0.53Add to cart

Split Loom-PolyethyleneTER3356B1-1/4"200'

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Split Loom-PolyethyleneTER33561-1/4"100'

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Split Loom-PolyethyleneTER33571-1/2"90'

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